September 2018 - March 2019




Product Management


An evolution in consumer-driven sponsorship insights.

How we designed and developed a SaaS platform for IMI International, a globally recognized marketing consultancy specializing in pre, during and post-evaluation of marketing efforts.

The Challenge

With almost 50 years in the industry, IMI has conducted 40,000+ evaluations for leading brands globally. They've amassed incredible data on consumer trends and behavior, and for the first time, wanted to offer their insight through a SaaS platform.

IMI approached us with the idea to create SponsorPulse, a premier insights platform for the global sponsorship industry. They needed a strategic partner to guide them through the process of building their first ever digital product and launching an MVP—all within a few months.

The Outcome

Within three months, we designed and built a desktop and mobile responsive MVP for SponsorPulse. The platform enables brands and agencies to search and filter for their best sponsorship opportunities. Explore Here

The Process

Beginning with many unknowns, we gathered context through discovery sessions—learning about the target audience, sponsorships landscape, as well as the client's expectations. Through design workshops, we worked closely with the IMI team to wireframe and scope out the product. We developed a brand guideline for SponsorPulse, which served as a visual guide for designing the platform.

We also introduced our developer early on to understand technical constraints and capabilities from the data that the client had provided.

From these sessions, we had a clear vision of what to deliver within the next 3 months.

To stay focused on the objective, we needed to push back on lower priority features that did not contribute to the goals we’ve established.

We kept our team small and focused: With one designer, one product manager and one developer, we were able to build out the entire MVP.


After completion of the MVP, TomYum continues to engage with IMI on a weekly sprint basis to iterate and improve on SponsorPulse. As strategic partners, we're actively evaluating users through looking at analytics and using tools such as Fullstory to catch shortfalls in the product.

We’re in communication with the client several times a week for sprint planning, product roadmap discussions, and data syncs.

“We’ve had the privilege of working with Dami, Jason and their team on the planning, development and launch of a first-of-its-kind SaaS insight product to evolve the global sponsorship industry. They’ve been strategic partners every step of the way through branding, UX/UI design, development and implementation, always focusing on what’s best for the long-term good of the product. They’re professional, focused and committed to our collective success and doing whatever it takes to get there.”

— Adam Mitchell, VP Global Sponsorships at IMI